Creating a Simple and Interesting Look: Layered Color on Gourds

In this new video you’ll discover:

  • Best techniques for creating the layered-color effect
  • Why you can’t layer with ink dyes alone
  • A great palette for holding and mixing colors (and why it’s our favorite!)
  • How Gourd Paint differs from the acrylic paints found in most craft stores
  • Why Transparent Acrylics are not used in this technique
  • A simple, “must have” item for Gourd Paint –Once you try it you’ll never go back!
  • Why it’s important to do your layered colors before coloring the rim with Ink Dye
  • The handy plastic tool that makes mixing colors a breeze
  • Why you may decide on a professional heat tool over a blow dryer or cheaper brand of heat tool (did you know it has a 2 year warranty?!)
  • What you MUST know if you use a heat tool on your Gourd Paint
  • and more!