Creating a Beaded Rim and a Gourgeous Metallic Finish

In this new video you’ll discover:

  • How to create different beaded rim looks
  • Why bead size is important
  • How to create gorgeous metallic finishes using pigment powders and ink dyes
  • An easy way to prevent the raw gourd from showing through your beaded rim
  • Helpful tips for preventing your drill from slipping off the gourd
  • How far away from the edge to drill your holes (if you drill too close to the edge you risk cracking the gourd)
  • How to make your holes the exact same distance from each other with one simple step
  • How to protect your color from rubbing off while working on the beaded rim
  • An economical trick for making your beading easier (Mary’s bead tray is the secret!)
  • How to start and finish the beading so that no wire shows
  • Why you want to wait until after you bead to finish the inside of your gourd